Behind the scenes of the media installation of the SAVE project at Pirnaischer Platz in Dresden

Everyone is probably familiar with old faded, slightly scratched photographs from granny's box. Those kinds of photos can be edited and preserved for the future fairly easily with.

But what about vintage footage hidden on Super-8 reels in local museums or private history societies? Or VHS tapes from wee broadcasting stations?

The project "Sicherung des audiovisuellen Erbes in Sachsen (SAVE)" , a cooperation between the Filmverband Sachsen and the SLUB Dresden, deals with precisely this question. Here, audiovisual cultural heritage with a Saxon background is professionally retro-digitised and made accessible to the public. These recordings provides now a vivid insight into long-forgotten places. Some of them narrate seemingly trivial events whose value and profoundness we only become aware of today at a distance in time.

Since December 2020 the SAVE project showed a selection of its treasures in an ambitious media installation at Pirnaischer Platz in Dresden. I have got the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and capture the Media Installation as well as the unique atmosphere of the venue with my camera. After a personal arrangement with the head of the SAVE project, I can show you some backstage pictures here.